August 2021 Newsletter

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How We Are Responding – Remote meetings, virtual events, & more!

Once again, our community is facing a challenge. We wanted to take the opportunity to address how we’re responding to the delta variant.

COVID-19 may impact how our services are delivered, but we are still hard at work! Our individual advocacy is still no-cost. We are still offering workshops. But, our office is still closed to the public.

Many of our events and meetings are switching to a remote-only option. We were looking forward to seeing many of you at our Community BBQ in September.

We have decided to cancel this event. After looking at the data, we determined holding the BBQ was not possible.

Public health officials are working hard to understand the delta variant. We will follow public health recommendations to keep staff and clients safe.

Remember – there are all things we can do to help keep one another safe:

  • Wash your hands
  • Wear a mask
  • Social distance when needed
  • Get the vaccine

Visit www.larimer.org or call 970-498-5500 to find where you can get your vaccination today!

  • Your Vaccine is No Cost to You
  • Currently available for those 12 years & older
  • Vaccines available at many pharmacies
  • Call your doctor
  • No ride? Call 211 for help

Subminimum Wage To Be Phased Out

We are so excited that Colorado has joined the growing list of states that have banned subminimum wages for people with disabilities! SB21-039, Elimination of Subminimum Wage has been signed into law!

In early 2020, Chrissy Krumm, a person who worked for subminimum wage, testified at the State Capitol to share her experience with lawmakers. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the bill passing than sharing her testimony from that day:

Chrissy Krumm sits in a hearing room, giving her testimony. She sits at a long table and has a microphone in front of her.

My name is Chrissy Krumm and I live in House District 51. I’ve been campaigning to end subminimum wage for several years – since at least 2014. I used to work for subminimum wage for several years.

At that job I sorted sunglasses, I did lawnmower parts, I collated, I did labeling, I put things in bags. I was assigned what task I did – I couldn’t pick a job that paid more or a job that I liked more.

It made me feel degraded and awful – that I wasn’t getting the equal pay I could have gotten if I was in the community. My behavior was worse because I felt bad that I wasn’t making more. It was awful and made me feel bad about myself.

Some of the contracts where I worked only paid a couple of cents per piece I completed. At the end of two weeks, my paycheck would be just over $7. For about 40 hours of work, I earn just over $7.

I am jubilant and happy that I now make minimum wage.

Around 2016 or 2017, I started doing Career Academy, through Easter Seals, which paid minimum wage. Right now, I work at Goodwill. I feel great, I have friends there, I work really hard. I get paid minimum wage. This means that I earn more than I did before.
Anyone with a disability can get a community job. All it takes a good attitude and the right accommodations to get a community job.

Making minimum wage makes me feel like I matter. I feel equal to my other coworkers.
Thank you for listening to me!

Want to learn more about bills that passed in 2021 at the Colorado General Assembly? Visit arclc.org/news to learn more.

Myths and Facts – Developmental Disabilities Waiver

New resources were funded for the Developmental Disabilities waiver in the 2021 Legislative Session. This means that new spots will open up across the state – including Larimer County. Our thanks to The Arc of Arapahoe & Douglas Counties for assembling these myths and facts, so you can be prepared and informed if offered a spot. You can view their full list of myths and facts at arclc.org/ddwaiver.

  • Myth: My loved one has to move out of the family home if they accept the DDWaiver.
  • Fact: No, your loved one will NOT have to move out of the family home on the DD-Waiver.
  • Myth: We have been on the waiting list for years, so we can wait. We’ll get a chance next year. We don’t have to think about it right now.
  • Fact: No, you will only have 30 days to accept once offered. There is never a guarantee that there will be DD-Waiver slots offered in any year.
  • Myth: If we need to make a change to services, we will have to decrease other services.
  • Fact: If needs change, the service plan can be amended and services can be added without reducing other services.
  • Myth: If my loved one or the family don’t like the DDWaiver, we are stuck there. We can’t go back to SLS.
  • Fact: Not true. If the DD-Waiver is not a good fit, talk with your case manager or advocate and we can look at going back to the SLSWaiver.
  • Myth: As paid providers, We will never get a break, as there is no respite in the DDWaiver.
  • Fact: If you need a break/respite, the residential service agency is responsible for your loved one’s supervision 24/7. They can support a break/respite.

Introducing Disability Benefits 101

Balancing benefits and work can be a challenge for adults with disabilities. Colorado DB101 is here to help!

Visit co.db101.org for:

  • Colorado-focused information
  • Health Coverage options
  • Disability Benefits Planning
  • And more

Survey: College Options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

IN! is a non-profit organization working to provide college opportunities for people with I/DD.

Your response will help IN!:

  • Continue to develop college pathways for students with ID
  • Ensure college is more and more accessible for students with ID.

Learn more or take the survey: inclusivehighered.org/
Questions: Shelby Bates – 720-580-1277 – shelbyb@inclusivehighered.org

Upcoming Events

Virtual Parent Hour

For parents of children living with I/DD
Every 3rd Thursday of the month from 7pm – 8pm
Learn more at arclc.org/parenthour

Virtual Walk-in Hours

Call 970-204-6991 x20 to be connected
Every Wednesday, 9am – 10am
Learn more at arclc.org/events

Weekly Zoom Chat

For Adults Living with I/DD
Every Thursday, 10am – 11am
Learn more at arclc.org/events

Virtual IEP 101 Workshop

Tuesday, Sept. 14th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
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Make a Difference – Share Your Expertise!

Have you thought about joining a Board or Commission? Many cities in Larimer County have Boards and Commissions made up of residents. As a member, you can provide feedback on upcoming projects, policies, and more.

You can learn more at:

Larimer County: www.larimer.org/boards
Fort Collins: www.fcgov.com/cityclerk/boards
Loveland: www.lovgov.org/city-government
Wellington: wellingtoncolorado.gov/159/Boards-Commissions
Estes Park: estespark.colorado.gov/boardsandmeetings