Action Alert – Call Your Senator Now to Say #HandsOff Medicaid!

A healthcare bill, called the Graham-Cassidy bill, is gaining traction in the Senate and appears to be close to having enough votes to pass. If passed, this bill would have devastating effects on Medicaid funding, would allow states to waive essential health benefits, and would seriously restrict access to health care coverage.
You can learn more about the bill here.

Time is sensitive!  Under the budget reconciliation process, the bill would need to pass with a simple majority before September 30th without ever going through a committee hearing.

We need everyone to Take Action Now!

1. Call Senator Cory Gardner’s Office in Washington D.C. at (202) 224-5941
Phone calls are more effective than emails and only take a few minutes!

What to Say:

  • Medicaid helps people with disabilities live and work in the community.
  • Any cuts to Medicaid threaten the lives and independence of people with disabilities.
  • Share your personal story – why Medicaid matters to you or someone you know
  • Please oppose the Graham-Cassidy Bill.
  • Please oppose ANY cuts to Medicaid
  • Thank you for the opportunity to provide public input

2. Call Senator Michael Bennet in Washington D.C. at 202-224-5852

What to say:

  • Thank him for his opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill.
  • Share your personal story – why Medicaid matters to you or someone you know
  • Ask him to oppose any bill that cuts Medicaid

3. Ask your friends and family to call their Senators!
They can find the Senators for their state here:

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