Action Alert: Calls still needed to #SaveMedicaid

Last updated: July 25th
The American Health Care Act (AHCA) and Better Care Reconciliation Act (or BCRA) both contain large cuts to Medicaid through per capita caps. If either bill is signed into law, Medicaid will be forever changed and services and supports for people with disabilities will be put at risk. On July 25th, the Senate passed a “Motion to Proceed” to begin debate on a health care bill that will presumably cut Medicaid.

The Arc of the United States released the following statement on Senate passage of a motion to proceed that starts debate on health care legislation that will impact Medicaid:

“Today, a majority of Senators ignored the pleas of their constituents and moved ahead with debating disastrous health care proposals that will result in people losing health care coverage and threaten the Medicaid home and community based service system.

“All roads from this vote are bad for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One path repeals without replacing the Affordable Care Act. The Congressional Budget Office analysis showed that under that proposal, by 2026, 32 million people would lose health insurance and premiums would double.

“Another option decimates the Medicaid program, and the home and community based supports and services that people with disabilities rely on to do what many people take for granted, including getting out of bed in the morning, eating, toileting, and simply getting out into the community.

“Now is the time for action – it doesn’t matter if this is the first time someone is calling their Senators, or they’ve called them every day in this fight. This is the civil rights fight of our time, and we will remain vigilant to protect all that has been built to ensure the inclusion and equality of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our society,” said Peter Berns, CEO, The Arc.

We need everyone to take action to #SaveMedicaid and #ProtectOurCare.

Please Call:
Senator Cory Gardner- (202) 224-5941
Senator Michael Bennet – (202) 224-5852
Governor John Hickenlooper – (303) 866-2885

What to Say:
1 – Do NOT cut funding to Medicaid or shift costs to states. This will slash coverage for seniors, people with disabilities, and children in our community.
2 – Oppose any bill that causes millions of Americans to lose health care coverage.
3 – Medicaid helps people with disabilities to have health care and community-based services.
4 – Thank you for the opportunity to provide public input.

Please also ask your friends and family to call, especially if they live in a different state.
They can find the contact information for the Senators, Representative, and Governor by clicking here or visiting


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