Board Committee Application and Advisory Group Sign-up

On behalf of Nancy Webster, President of the Board of Directors of The Arc, volunteer and staff leaders of chapters of The Arc and other stakeholders and constituents are invited to apply to serve on the following committees:
•    Board Development Committee
•    Budget Finance & Audit Committee
•    Committee on Diversity
•    Policy and Positions Committee
•    Legal Advocacy Subcommittee

Before applying, you can read descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of each committee.
To apply to participate on a committee, please fill out the application form.
A limited number of committee assignments are available. The deadline to apply is Monday, January 21, 2013.
In addition, siblings are encouraged to sign-up to participate on The Arc’s National Siblings Council and self-advocates are wanted to participate on The Arc’s National Council of Self-Advocates. Use these links to sign up for these two advisory councils:
•    National Siblings Council
•    National Self Advocates Council
We look forward to your participation in The Arc during 2013 – 2014.

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