Comcast highlights the benefits of hiring people with disabilities

The Arc of Larimer County (The Arc LC) promotes and protects the civil rights and overall wellbeing of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) through individual and systems advocacy and education to foster lifelong inclusion in every aspect of community life.

Currently, 85% of people with I/DD are not working–not for lack of skill, but lack of opportunity.  We firmly believe that everyone with a disability should have the opportunity to work in the community in a job that pays at or above minimum wage.  We also firmly believe that everyone benefits with employers hire a diverse workforce – including people with disabilities.  For these reasons, in 2015, Marilee Boylan, Executive Director, of The Arc of Larimer County launched our Everybody Works initiative – a program to help breakdown the stereotypes employers hold about potential employees with disabilities.

Previous efforts in Everybody Works have included trainings for Human Resources Professionals about The Americans with Disabilities Act, connecting potential employers with managers who have hired people with disabilities, and spreading the word about resources employers can seek out to hire people with disabilities.

In order to further this work, Comcast has generously started running two PSAs about how employers can hire people with disabilities.  You can view them below.  We are very grateful to Comcast for shining a light on this issue!  In Larimer County, we have a 2.5% unemployment rate.  Many employers are struggling to fill high-turn-over positions and simply don’t realize that hiring people with disabilities taps into a great labor force.

If you have a business you frequently visit, we encourage you to ask a manager if they have hired people with disabilities.  If they do – say thank you.  If they haven’t, they can visit to learn more about hiring a more diverse workforce.


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