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Protecting the civil rights of people with intellectual and developmental
disabilities through advocacy and education.

Navigating complex systems of support can leave families and individuals feeling frustrated and alone.  For those who qualify, The Arc of Larimer County provides free advocacy services throughout the lifetime of an individual living with an intellectual and development disability:
  • From birth to early childhood (ages birth to 3)
  • School aged children (ages 3 to 21)
  • Adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (18 years and older)
  • Throughout these ages, we will work with both the individual with the disability and/or their family/guardians

Advocacy Services Offered:

  • Individual Advocacy Services: 
    • Listen to our clients, hear their frustrations, joys, hopes and dreams
    • Help clients navigate laws, rules, and regulations that govern services for adults and children
    • Assistance with SSI, Medicaid, Long Term Care, Early Intervention, and Vocational Rehabilitation 
    • Protect the human and civil rights of our clients 
    • Facilitate conflict resolution 
    • Attend IEPs, Service Planning, and other meetings to provide support
    • Help determine services available for clients and assist them and their family/guardian in accessing services 
    • Assist clients with follow up to assure they are receiving appropriate services
    • For Individual Advocacy Services, please contact our Lead Advocacy Specialist at 970-204-6991 or
  • Workshops for Individuals with Disabilities and Families/Guardians:
    • Teach people with disabilities, guardians, and parents to advocate for themselves
    • Empower people living with disabilities and families with information and skills needed to ensure informed choice and self-determination
    • To see our full workshop schedule, please visit our event calendar: