Atalanta Cozad

Adult Advocate

Atalanta was first introduced to adults and children with intellectual disabilities through various family member’s jobs when she was growing up. Due to this influence later on in her adolescent years Atalanta decided to attend a high school that embraced disabilities by including peers with I/DD in all general-ed classrooms. This school also gave Atalanta her foundation for mentorship within this community.

Atalanta’s father was her biggest role model for compassion and integrity in the I/DD world. Modeling that all people in all areas of life no matter ability, race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or age are worthy of respect and hold value in our society. She is also inspired by Ph.D. Temple Grandin’s work in both autism and animal behavior, as well as her fight to disengage labels and increase education behind removing limitations.

Atalanta has a passion for equity in that it involves factoring in aspects of the system that have put particular groups at a disadvantage. She also firmly believes in advocating for those who have been discredited in the criminal justice system.

Atalanta has treasured her time in the I/DD field for the last eight years doing a wide range of jobs from direct care to residential management at various companies and non-profits in Northern Colorado including Foothills Gateway. Atalanta looks forward to each day with the prospect of uncharted opportunities and adventures in the vast sea of advocacy. Atalanta lives at home in Northern Colorado with her championing husband, four vibrant children, and adorable dogs.

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