What to Expect at The Community BBQ

We have plain language guide for what to expect at the Community BBQ below:


  • We will be at the Creekside Shelter at Spring Canyon Park. A dark brown wood sign with text, "Reservable Creekside Shelter." Behind it extends a sidewalk into a green field.
  • There are several places to park at Spring Canyon Park.  We recommend parking at the South end of Overland Trail. This is the closest parking lot to the Creekside Shelter.  A map to the Spring Canyon Park Creekside Shelter

Accessibility Information:

  • There are concrete sidewalks from the parking lot to the shelter. You will need to cross a very short bridge to reach the shelter.

A picture of the sidewalk from the parking lot to the Creekside Shelter.

  • There are wheelchair accessible picnic tables at the shelter:

A wheelchair accessible picnic table.

  • There are wheelchair-accessible bathrooms at the Creekside Shelter.
  •  If you need an accommodation to attend, please contact info@arclc.org before Aug. 27th.


We will provide:

  • Cornhole
  • Bubbles
  • Inflatable Beach Balls

There is a basketball court and volleyball court next to the Creekside Shelter. You can bring a basketball or volleyball if you want.


  • We will provide tables and chairs.  You are welcome to bring a camping chair if you would like to.
  • Please leave your pets at home.
  • We will provide lunch and drinks.  We will share allergy and nutrition information when we have more information. If you have questions, you can email us at info@arclc.org.
  • Please remember to put on sunscreen and/or bug spray.
  • There is some shade from trees.  You may want to bring an umbrella to have more shade.

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