People First

People First of Larimer County is a self-directed community of adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities (or I/DD). People First as a board, prioritizes issues that impact individuals with I/DD in Larimer County and actively advocates to reduce and remove barriers to equal community access.


Advocating for full community inclusion while ensuring personal choice and self-direction.

Core Values

People First of Larimer County Core Values:

Pride: All people should feel good about themselves and their abilities.
Equity: All people have what they need to be successful.
Opportunity: All people deserve opportunities to live productive and happy lives.
Power to Choose: All people should have choices about their services/supports.
Leadership: People with disabilities can be leaders for change.
Educate: People with disabilities can educate others about their ability and right to belong.
Freedom: All people are entitled to freedom and civil rights.
Inclusive Communities: All people have the right to be fully included in their communities.
Respect: All people deserve respect.
Self-determination: All people deserve to live their own lives and make their own decisions.
Taking Responsibility: All people should be responsible for their own actions.


People First of Larimer County promotes equity for people with disabilities to live the lives they want by fostering inclusion and self-determination in every aspect of community life. People First:

  • Teaches and empowers people to become stronger self-advocates and to understand their roles in civic engagement.
  • Advocates for community services that allow people to have choice and control over their supports and lives.
  • Is a catalyst for change to ensure opportunities for full, meaningful community participation for all people.

When We Meet:

Membership/Social Meeting

Date & Time: Last Friday of the Month, 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Facebook Group

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