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Protecting the civil rights of people with intellectual and developmental
disabilities through advocacy and education.

Mission Statement

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Promotes and protects the civil rights and overall wellbeing of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through individual and systems advocacy and education to foster lifelong inclusion in every aspect of community life.

Vision Statement

The Arc of Larimer County’s vision is that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families are embraced by their community to be included in every aspect of community life as valued, contributing, successful and equal members of society.


Children and Adults with Intellectual and developmental disabilities:
  • Will make their own life choices
  • Will have their voices heard and respected
  • Can obtain integrated community employment that pays at or above minimum wage
  • Will access an inclusive education
  • Can participate in inclusive community wide social and recreational opportunities
  • Can participate in inclusive religious and spiritual communities
  • Will live and thrive in our communities
  • Will obtain the education and tools to make informed choices


Executive Director


Marilee Boylan

The Arc of Larimer County
Phone: 970.204.6991 x18

Marilee comes to the Arc of Larimer County with over 18 years of previous experience working for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Marilee is one of the original founders of the Arc of Larimer County which was established in 2007. She worked 14 years as a Transition Specialist for Poudre School District in the field of supported employment, supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to obtain paid work in the community. Marilee plans to use her passion and collaborative community experience to broaden Arc of Larimer County’s community impact in providing advocacy and education for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families within the Larimer County communities.

Administrative Assistant

Charlette Bio Arc LC

Charlette Leon

The Arc of Larimer County
Phone: 970.204.6991 x20

Charlette Leon
was raised in a farming community on the Western Slope of Colorado. She worked with the Colorado Department of Labor for four years and with Rocky Mountain Service Employment Redevelopment, Jobs for Progress, for seven years. In both positions she advocated for the farm worker by assuring clean, adequate housing and safe and equitable working conditions through housing and work site inspections that they had as set forth by Federal Regulations. While with the Department of Labor, she also assisted all job seekers to seek out meaningful employment by coaching them in job search, resume writing, applications and interviews. She worked closely with employers, matching them with the job seeker and assisted in setting up On-the-Job-Training programs. Charlette also navigated through agencies in all levels of government and non-profits in a quest to find the best resources for her clients in the pursuit of equitable rights. She has a full range of office skills that will be utilized as Administrative Assistant and office support for the staff for the Arc of Larimer County in Fort Collins. Charlette is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish. She also has a working knowledge of American Sign Language.

Advocacy Specialist


Matt Cloven

The Arc of Larimer County
Phone: 970.204.6991 x21

Matt Cloven
has worked with individuals who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 10 years. Matt holds a Master’s in History and Philosophy. He began this work in Eugene, Oregon as a direct care staff at one of the earliest organizations that helped to facilitate the closing of institutional housing, and opened homes to care for adults with developmental disabilities in a community setting. Matt ultimately became a program manager and oversaw multiple group homes. He was fortunate to be in Oregon which mandated person centered planning and focused on a person’s unique interests, strengths, gifts as the foundation for all aspects of planning. In 2006, Matt worked for Foothills Gateway as a Supported Living Consultant (SLC) allowing Matt to focus on the dreams and aspirations of the adults he worked with, as well as facilitate ways to increase and maintain independence and inclusion into their community. As an SLC, Matt was also trained in The PATH Planning Process. Matt then moved on to working as a Children’s Case Manager with Foothills Gateway, where he spent the next 7 years working with children ages 3-18 and their families. Matt was able to help families access needed programs, advocate and support families in the schools, and build collaborative relationships within the wider community. Matt has a young son, who challenges him daily and who brings the greatest daily joy to Matt. Matt is looking forward to continuing his advocacy work with The Arc of Larimer County.

Program Assistant

Taylor Summer

Taylor Summer

The Arc of Larimer County
Phone: 970.204.6991 x17

My name is Taylor Summer. I recently graduated from Loveland High School and am excited about working for The Arc of Larimer County as Program Assistant. My relationship with The Arc began through People First, a self-advocacy group sponsored by The Arc. Then, I gained work experience through a program with The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Thompson School District’s School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP). I have Cerebral Palsy, and am interested in the formation of a support group for people with CP. Working for the Arc of Larimer County is both challenging and rewarding. As an elected officer (Secretary) for People First and working for Arc of Larimer County, I have developed good relationships and keep very busy.

Systems Advocacy Specialist & Communications Coordinator

Cari Brown

Cari Brown

The Arc of Larimer County
Phone: 970.204.6991 x23

Cari Brown has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and originally worked in marketing/advertising for various companies. However, all this changed when her son was diagnosed with autism. Quickly, she was thrown into the world of advocacy and discovered how hard families must work to gain access to appropriate services. Her family moved to Colorado from Utah in 2013, and from day one, Fort Collins has felt like home. Starting in October 2013, Cari spearheaded efforts to update Colorado law to remove ABA treatment caps; this process was critical so children with autism would have access to medically necessary levels of therapy through private/commercial insurance. The bill passed on March 24, 2015 thanks to the massive collaboration effort behind the legislative. The Arc of Larimer County was integral to the effort, and supported Cari when she served as a volunteer. Now, Cari is excited to continue this work as an employee.

Child/Adult Advocacy Specialist

Carisa Clinton

Carisa Clinton

The Arc of Larimer County
Phone: 970.204.6991 x22

Carisa Clinton has nine years of experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from birth through adulthood. A native Virginian, Carisa relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2010 to continue her work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities shortly after graduating from college. Carisa has experience leading disability ministries in two states and currently runs the Disability Ministry at Timberline Church in Fort Collins with her husband. In addition to her ministry work, Carisa is active in the non-profit community and was formerly the Family Advocate Director at The Matthews House. During her time at The Matthews House, she assisted families involved with the Larimer County Department of Human Services to complete substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, find housing, gain employment, and develop independent living skills. Carisa also oversaw a team of advocates who sit on the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT), a multi-agency team whose goals are to develop child centered, family focused, and community based services for children who are in placement or at risk of out of home placement. She is also a member of the Larimer County Trauma Informed Practice Group responsible for facilitating best practice in appropriate trauma informed treatment in Larimer County. Carisa is excited to continue advocating for families as a Child/Adult Advocacy Specialist with The Arc of Larimer County. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.


Executive Committee

  • Phil Beers

  • Lori Snider

Board Members

  • Joyce Shorthill

  • Julian Wang

  • Tena Green 

  • Linda Miller

  • David Taylor

  • Brad Willenbrock

  • Fred Garcia

  • Ryann Hodge