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For years, I have put off completing the Social Security application for our daughter; the negative stories about the process played a large part in my procrastination! When the ball dropped in 2023, I committed that this would be the year, and I called The Arc of Larimer County. Working with Anais, a joy in itself, has helped the application process to go smoothly. She knows just what steps need to be taken, who we need to talk with, and the timeline we must keep.  She has put so much work into helping us! And now we are waiting to hear. I am so grateful for the advocacy offered by The Arc of Larimer County!

Becky – Parent of an Arc of Larimer County client


Our connection with The Arc of Larimer County started in late 2018. My daughter had been working with Foothills Gateway and was on an IFSP. In the winter of 2019, we were transitioning into an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with the school district when she would turn three years old. It was extremely difficult and stressful. Even though she was entitled to services I was repeatedly told there was not a slot for her in the Early Childhood Program. Instead, we were asked to have her participate in a playgroup with limited hours, this proposed solution would be extremely stressful for her to have minimal intervention with lots of transitions. Luckily, someone told me about The Arc of Larimer County’s free advocacy services. I was able to meet with an advocate, who attended meetings with me, and helped me to begin advocating for my daughter. When her third birthday came around, she was enrolled in the early childhood program with an IEP.

Fast forward to 2023. Her IEP was not renewed after kindergarten, which was hard because she still had deficiencies, but the goal was to have her caught up by kindergarten. In second grade, we (and her teacher) noticed she was not caught up with her peers. Again, I was given minimal support by the school to get her back in an IEP. I was frustrated and reached out to The Arc of Larimer County again. With the help of my Arc Advocate we decided to seek a 504 referral. I feel if I did not have the guidance of The Arc of Larimer County Advocate then she would not been approved for the 504.

We are extremely grateful for the support received by The Arc of Larimer County. Her educational journey will be incredibly enhanced because of the accommodations she will now be receiving.

Stephane – Parent of an Arc of Larimer County client