I/DD and the Justice System Focus Group Project

In order to better understand the experiences of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have when interacting with the criminal justice system in Larimer County, The Arc of Larimer County is conducting a number of focus groups with parents/guardians/caregivers of people with I/DD.

To be eligible for a focus group, you must:

  • Be a Parent/Guardian/Caregiver of an individual with I/DD
    • If you are not sure if the individual you care for qualifies as having an intellectual or developmental disability, our focus group facilitator will call you and help determine eligibility for the project.  You can learn more about the definition of intellectual and/or developmental disability here: https://www.thearc.org/learn-about/intellectual-disability
  • The individual with I/DD you care for must be 10+ years old
  • You and/or the person with I/DD you care for must live in Larimer County
  • The individual that you care for has experienced an interaction with the Criminal Justice System OR you’re interested in the criminal justice system and how it relates to people with I/DD
  • Be able to attend a 90-minute interview

Please apply by April 17th.